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A team with expertise, passion, vision and results.

Jennifer Rice, Principal

Jennifer is a strategist who's passionate about the role businesses can play in creating a better world. After almost 20 years in brand and customer experience strategy, she started Fruitful to help companies profitably align brand and business strategy with social impact. Jennifer has been recognized as a rapid and intuitive problem solver, a dynamic speaker and a get-it-done professional. She brings a global perspective, having managed strategy projects for businesses in the EU, Dubai and Southeast Asia. Consulting and corporate-side experience ranges from the Fortune 50 to smaller regional players across a range of industries including tech, hospitality and healthcare.

Partner – FairRidge Group

Fruitful Strategy teams with FairRidge Group to bring comprehensive sustainability expertise to our clients. FairRidge is a team of management, strategy, and change experts focused on business transformation through the practical application of sustainability for operational improvement and strategic innovation. FairRidge brings a new framework for sustainability management that integrates strategy, operations, branding, measurement and organizational development to drive profitable business transformation.

Ben Metcalfe, Community Strategy Advisor

Ben is Fruitful's go-to guru on web-related stakeholder engagement initiatives, most notably collaborating on the evolution strategy for Windows Marketplace. He’s a recognized authority on community strategy, product development, open platform strategy and developer relations. Ben was instrumental in creating the BBC News website and their award-winning developer network, backstage.bbc.co.uk. Most recently he advised MySpace’s executive team on development and execution of their open platform strategy.

Fruitful also draws on a dynamic, virtual network of experts in sustainability, economic development, or whatever your particular social opportunity may be. This structure ensures that you’ll have the deepest expertise in helping you bring your unique contribution to life.

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