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Providing data-driven strategies for growth.

Fruitful’s strategy services are designed to identify risks and opportunities in aligning your brand and business with social impact. We also excel at creating focus and clarity to help you prioritize limited resources where they’ll be most effective.

Visioning Workshops

Our visioning workshops are designed to generate collaboration, clarity, alignment and motivation for executives to bring ideas and values to life.

Stakeholder Insights

Fruitful excels at bringing customer and stakeholder insights to help inform your strategy. From qualitative techniques to robust quantitative analyses, our data-driven approach helps identify risks and opportunities, and delivers the burden of proof you need for strategic decision-making.

Sustainability Strategy

There are many directions you could take with your social and environmental sustainability programs. But very few can serve as profitable growth platforms for your particular brand and business. Our holistic approach brings together a deep understanding of stakeholder expectations and needs with company, competition and sustainability considerations. The result is your corporate social opportunity which, when aligned with your vision, serves as a north star to help you:

  • give clarity of purpose to the organization
  • prioritize and reallocate resources
  • guide strategic decisions and activities
  • redefine the customer experience

Competitive Advantage Audit

This market-facing audit helps prioritize your existing sustainability initiatives and resources to show at a glance what to eliminate, maintain and grow based on your strategic area of focus. It also reveals risks and opportunities for your brand.

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