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Exploring the possibilities.

From incremental to game-changing innovation, we can help identify the fruitful areas of opportunity where profitable growth and unmet societal needs intersect.

Innovation Workshops

We combine outside-the-box stimuli with improv and Open Space facilitation to help teams to move from silo to system thinking and uncover new opportunities for growth.

White-Space Mapping

Where there’s an unmet need, there’s white space to be captured. We’ll explore the overlap between societal needs, company capabilities, out-of-category initiatives and competitive activities to map the space and generate profitable new ideas.

Brand Extendibility

Before embarking on development of a new product or service outside your traditional scope, it’s important to understand how much permission your stakeholders give your brand to extend. Especially if values-driven initiatives are new to your company, you may have perceptual barriers to overcome. Fruitful’s data-driven approach can reveal potential stumbling blocks and the most credible way to address them from the market perspective.

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